C60live Black Seed Oil Capsules

Live Longer Labs has revolutionalized the wellness world... AGAIN.

They have bonded their Ultra Pure C60 to the most therapeutic organic oil known: BLACK SEED OIL.

Live Longer Labs C60live Black Seed Capsules

Why Black Seed Oil?

After years of extensive research, we looked for the most proven therapeutic oil, verified by the National Health Institute, and bonded it to our ultra pure C60. Then we encapsulated in gel capsules. Next, we patented it so we could provide customers with the ultimate in quality. Period. No knockoffs. No inferior products. Only the best.

C60live products are the PARAGON of the C60 world!

Live Longer Labs could not ignore the proven benefits fully backed by years of scientific research.  Black Seed Oil is not a carrier oil.  This oil has the ability to cure alone.  Now, add the proven attributes of Carbon 60 and you have something like you've never seen before!

Why Capsules? 
Because YOU asked.

Live Longer Labs is dedicated to its customers. Many asked. We listened.

"We are a lab. Our mission is to help people and animals. We do this through by working with REAL doctors, REAL rocket scientists, REAL researchers, and REAL data, and we take this mission very seriously," declares owner Max Champie. "Their names and testimonials are posted throughout our site."

Live Longer Labs is the only known provider of NASA-grade Carbon 60 in the marketplace that continues to work with doctors, researchers, and universities to find the purest, most effective products to continually improve the wellbeing of people and animals. 

"We aren’t followers. We are leaders in research and RESULTS." Max Champie

Black seed oil, extracted from the seeds of black cumin or Nigella sativa (N. sativa), has been used to treat illnesses for more than 2000 years thanks to its myriad of health benefits.

Research published on the US National Library of Medicine  National Institutes of Health search database definitively defines the myriad of health benefits of Black seed oil, scientifically known as Nigella sativa (N. sativa) (Family Ranunculaceae).

Nigella sativa is a widely used medicinal plant throughout the world... Extensive studies on N. sativa have been carried out by various researchers and a wide spectrum of its pharmacological actions have been explored which may include antidiabetic, anticancer, immunomodulator, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, bronchodilator, hepato-protective, renal protective, gastro-protective, antioxidant properties, etc. Due to its miraculous power of healing, N. sativa has got the place among the top-ranked evidence-based herbal medicines.

The National Institutes of Health published research for the following issues:
5. Scientific researches and pharmacological potentials
5.1. Antibacterial activity
5.2. Antifungal activity
5.3. Anti-schistosomiasis activity
5.4. Antioxidant activity
5.5. Antidiabetic activity
5.6. Anticancer activity
5.7. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity
5.8. Immunomodulatory activity
5.9. Cardiovascular activity
5.10. Gastro-protective activity
5.11. Hepato-protective activity
5.12. Nephroprotective activity
5.13. Pulmonary-protective activity and anti-asthmatic effects
5.14. Testicular-protective activity
5.15. Neuro-pharmacolgical activities
5.16. Anticonvulsant activity
5.17. Contraceptive and anti-fertility activity
5.18. Antioxytocic activity
5.19. Toxicological studies
5.20. Drugs-nigella interaction


Read the NIH research and look at the verified results of Black Seed Oil: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health search database.



Black seed oil contains thymoquinone, an antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory compound that may also have tumor-reducing properties.

Some of the many health benefits include:

  • Fighting Bacterial Infection
  • Managing Asthma Attacks
  • Improving Blood Sugar Levels
  • Relieving Allergies
  • Treating Arthritis
  • Alleviating Indigestion and Heartburn
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Relieving Breast Pain
  • Reducing Breast Pain

    C60 Black Seed Oil gel capsules are the only one of its kind!

    Using our patented processes and formulations, Live Longer Labs is able to effectively combine C60 and black seed oil and create one of the most powerful antioxidative, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory supplements today.

    Live Longer Labs C60 Black Seed capsule size of dime


    Capsule Size 600mc
    46 mg C60 per 60 ml. 

    Ultra Pure Carbon 60 Fullerene Nano in Organic Black Seed Oil gel capsules.


    Every person has a different level of oxidative stress. One dose for all does not pertain. Some alteration to dosage may be required based on an individual's response to the capsules. The standard recommended dosage is 3-5 gel capsules daily.

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    Customer Testimonial

    I first started using C60 in Coconut oil (from another company’s product) and went thru 2-4Oz bottles with no real results. Once I heard about the C60/Blackseed product from Live Longer Labs, I decided to try it. I have been plagued with migraines for years and much more frequently since I was in an accident, in which I broke my back among other things, 9 years ago. I was to the point of 1 or 2 headaches a week… or 1 very intense headache that could last for a day and a half. On the very first day, using the Blackseed version, I had no headache… I had taken 5 caps as soon as I got up for the day. Well, today, it’s been 25 days without a headache. I was taking 2 -4 Midrin on a headache day and usually 3-6 Ibuprofen. I have had a few days where I felt the possibility of a headache coming on and thought, I will see if I can chase it away with 2 Ibuprofen… and it worked. I literally was to the point where I was thinking that I can’t go on many more years with these headaches… they dominate your life. I am so very happy with my results so far. I am noticing stomach issues lessening too. Thx for producing a real product that works [for me].
    Robert Geishauser   2/9/19

    Need more research? 

    Check out our Research library. Read what Dr. Axe, Food is Medicine, has to say about the benefits of Black Seed Oil, plus the many other published scientific research results on Carbon 60.

    For FAQs on dosage, combining with medication or supplements and storage tips, please check out our Research & FAQs "How to Take C60live".