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Benefits of Carbon 60

The list of proven benefits of Carbon 60 is growing every day as more and more testing is being published by doctors, scientists, and universities.  The statements below have years of proven research backing the claims. 

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Scientifically proven benefits of Carbon 60:
- It's the world’s most efficient known free radical scavenger. 
- 34 oxygen radicals have been added onto a single C60 molecule.  
- Able to cross the blood-brain barrier
- Can react with many superoxides without being consumed.
- Derivatives are rapidly absorbed by tissues and excreted through urinary tract; low to no toxicity in vitro and in vivo in studies.
- Possesses a large amount of conjugated double bonds and low lying lowest unoccupied molecular orbital which can easily take up an electron from an attack of an oxygen radical.
- Potentially therapeutic against arthritic pain, cancer, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and neurodegenerative disorders like Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s from performed research.