About Live Longer Labs

C60live: Live Longer Labs proprietary process has created a Carbon 60 antioxidant like no other!

Live Longer Labs is a lab of scientists from NASA, doctors, universities, and institutions. We research everything we do. After researching Carbon 60, we started making C60live to help family and friends. Then the market caught on to how powerful this product is.  We received so many requests that we started selling C60live. Learn more about Live Longer Labs. 

Our goal is simple: to help people and animals! We're not in it to get rich, we're in it to help improve the quality of life for family, friends, animals, and community.  Honest!

At our Research and Development Lab located high in the Rockies, we are passionately engaged in several projects to improve the quality of life and to extend it far beyond the boundaries of today's known science. We do product development for multiple entities covering a wide range of applications and academic disciplines.

We are driven to excel and look forward to sharing future products and updates as they come available. 

Carbon60 and C60live.

The antioxidants contained in vitamin C and E are known to have an effect on a particular active oxygen. The antioxidant effect in fullerene is much greater as it has an even effect on all typical free radicals (removing the active oxygen). This effect is 172 times that of Vitamin C. This high concentration of antioxidant agents is one of the many features of C60 fullerene. 

Research and Clinical Trials

Many are asking us why we are having Pure Bella Vita ship our products for us.  The answer is simple: so we can research. 

We want to definitively prove that Carbon 60 can change lives and change the way the world thinks about health.  We are taking a step back from the business side of Carbon 60 to focus on what we do best: research.

Currently, we are partnering with doctors and universities all over the world to conduct clinical trials.  Stay tuned as the results come in!