C60 Black Seed Oil Capsules - 1 Bottle

C60 Black Seed Oil Capsules - 1 Bottle

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C60 Black Seed Oil capsules - 150 capsules | Capsule Size 600mc, 46 mg per 60 ml. 

Daily intake of C60 Black Seed Oil capsules has been scientifically found helpful in:

  • Inhibiting fungal and microbial growth
  • Losing weight
  • Reducing blood cholesterol levels
  • Decreasing high blood pressure
  • Managing asthma attacks
  • Controlling allergies
  • Protecting against liver damage
  • Expelling internal parasites


Ultra Pure Carbon 60 Fullerene Nano in Organic Black Seed Oil gel capsules.


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Every person has a different level of oxidative stress. One dose for all does not pertain. Some alteration to dosage may be required based on an individual's response to the capsules. The standard recommended dosage is 3-5 gel capsules daily.

For FAQs on dosage, combining with medication or supplements and storage tips, please check out our Research & FAQs "How to Take C60live".

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