Introducing C60Live Black Seed Oil Gel Capsules

After years of extensive research, we looked for the most proven therapeutic oil, verified by the National Health Institute. That oil is Black Seed Oil.

Live Longer Labs has bonded organic Black Seed Oil to our ultra pure C60 and encapsulated it in gel capsules.

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Benefits of Carbon 60

C60 is an incredibly powerful and reusable antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals that surround our cells, making it a game-changer in the wellness and skin care industries.

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About C60live

C60 fullerenes bond to and flush out harmful free radicals that contribute to tissue damage in many human diseases without altering its structure, making it one of the world’s most efficient antioxidants.

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Pure Bella Vita is dedicated to selling only the purest form of the world's most efficient free radical scavenger - C60 fullerene.  This is why Pure Bella Vita only sells C60live by Live Longer Labs.
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RuthMarie's Story

We started taking C60 Black Seed on March 2, 2019. I'm 71 and work full time with my husband who is 76. He has always had great energy and strength, while I've always had health issues. But we made a good two-man team until my eyesight started to deteriorate over the last two years, ... along with my energy and short term memory. I was beginning to feel frightened that I was going to become a burden instead of a helpmate. We saw Max and Phil on a Sarah Westall interview and my husband encouraged me to try C60. It's now April 17, 2019 and my energy level has improved considerably. A slight but very painful ankle injury I sustained last fall resolved itself very recently. Yesterday I jogged downstairs without a thought until I realized what I'd done for the first time in many months and without pain. I also lost 12 pounds without trying!

Ruthmarie Lawler
April, 2019

Jule's Story

We have been looking for something that would help us because traditional medicine wasn't helping. My husband will be 86... Six years ago he received a diagnosis of dementia and congestive heart failure... We started taking several drops of C60live and saw a difference in general health and energy. Then we started taking C60 with ketones and C60live Black Seed Oil Caps. WOW did we see a difference!! We saw his energy to walk and participate in daily activities increase, BUT it was the fact that he remembered things the he hadn't been able to before -- not all the time but mostly in the AM -- no pattern, but any improvement in dealing with dementia is a very good thing!

We are so grateful for having found C60 and Live Longer Labs -- it makes those Golden Years more like what they should be and giving you the opportunity to enjoy those years.

Jule C. 84 years young
April, 2019

C60live is created fresh, daily in the Live Longer Labs' Rocky Mountain research facility.


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